Quality Counts at Blue River Concrete

In Overland Park and other parts of Kansas City, concrete takes a lot of abuse. The freeze/thaw cycle in the Midwest can really wreak havoc. If the concrete company is not diligent about quality standards, the results are obvious in just a couple of years. Pitting lets water in. Once inside, that water seeps into any cracks, freezes and expands making that crack bigger. When the next freeze comes, water fills that enlarged crack and makes it even bigger. This cycle continues until the concrete is cracked and falling apart. Driveway, sidewalks, patios, porch steps, any concrete is vulnerable to weather.

Experience Is in the Mix

At Blue River Concrete, we’ve been in the concrete business since 1997. We’ve seen the results of poor quality concrete and lack of experience. When we pour concrete, we start with the mix. Getting the right mix is critical. If concrete is too thin or too thick, it will not dry and set up properly which will cause problems down the road. In order to achieve a long-lasting finished product, the ratios of ingredients must be carefully observed. We know the right concrete mix to use on your Overland Park driveway for long lasting results.

Quality Flatwork Is a Science and an Art

The weather plays a big part as well. We won’t pour concrete if there is rain in the forecast because even a thin layer of rain can cause flaking and peeling later. So many variables affect concrete installation that the whole process of pouring and finishing is as much art as a science. Assuming the mix is correct, pouring, finishing and curing are equally important. Then there are the specific challenges with stained and stamped surfaces. Colored concrete cures differently than regular concrete and will lack intensity if not cured correctly.

You Stand on Our Concrete – We Stand Behind It

Owner and manager, Steve Johnson, has resolved to provide businesses and homes with the best looking and most durable solutions available in concrete, concrete sealing and specialty applications like stamped concrete. Blue River Concrete Company does not use subcontractors, is fully insured, and takes great care of your property. But more importantly, we want you to have confidence when you hire Blue River Concrete. That’s why we stand behind our work with our Price Match Guarantee and a Rock Solid Guarantee. At Blue River Concrete, you’ll get the best quality concrete work at the best price. Call us at (816) 419-5544 for a free, no-obligation estimate.