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Everyone wants good concrete that will last for years. In addition, you want to make sure the people performing the work at your home are licensed, insured and do not have a criminal background. After all, it’s your home, your family, your valuables that you want to make sure are not at risk when you hire a contractor. That’s why Blue River Concrete Company is the hometown concrete company you can trust!

New Driveways from Blue River Concrete Are a Solid Investment

Our services range from stained or stamped concrete driveways with many texture options, to concrete driveways, stairs & patios. We specialize in concrete driveway replacement, add-ons and decorative concrete staining and sealing. Plus, our variety of stamped patterns and colors can take any patio from drab to extravagant.

I, Steve Johnson, own and manage Blue River Concrete Company and look forward to working with you. As a home enthusiast, I started understanding construction and what it takes to be a quality contractor in the mid-90’s as we were remodeling homes throughout the South Kansas City area. After watching how both older concrete and relatively new concrete deteriorated with Kansas City’s “freeze-thaw” effects, I quickly learned the proper methods to pouring long-lasting, quality concrete.

We use only the best materials, and every load of cement is designed for its specific application, whether it’s a driveway, outdoor patio, or sidewalk, we will adjust the mix design to withstand the Kansas City freeze & thaw weather patterns.

It’s easy to work with Blue River. There is no drama, and we deliver service with a smile. The job isn’t done until you are satisfied!

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