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A Solid Reputation in Kansas City Since 1997.

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  •  Licensed in Kansas and Missouri 
  •  Liability insurance for your protection
  •  We care about your property!
  •  Do not use subcontractors
  •  Our crews wear logo’d shirts
  •  Exclusive “Rock Solid” guarantee

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We’re not your fly-by-night, cut and run concrete company. Our headquarters is located in Leawood, Kansas and we’re originally from Kansas City, Missouri. KC is a big city with a small town feel and that’s why we treat every customer like a neighbor. Our reputation is made with every square foot of concrete we pour, stain or seal.

We Value Concrete Business Practices and Treat Customers With Respect

And, of course, this means we are licensed to do work at your home in both Missouri and Kansas, protect you with proper liability insurance, we don’t use subcontractors, and we offer our exclusive “Rock Solid” Guarantee on all of our concrete projects.

I, Steve Johnson, own and manage Blue River Concrete Company and look forward to working with you. As a home enthusiast, I started understanding construction and what it takes to be a quality contractor in the mid-90’s as we were remodeling homes throughout the South Kansas City area. After watching how both older concrete and relatively new concrete deteriorated with Kansas City’s “freeze-thaw” effects, I quickly learned the proper methods to pouring long-lasting, quality concrete.

In addition, whether you are selling your home, or planning to live there for years, we want you to be able to enjoy a new driveway, stained or textured patio, or solid steps and sidewalks for as long as possible. We want you to know your home’s new concrete will stand strong for years to come.

Our Philosophy:

We have seen what poor quality concrete does to the look and functionality of homes. Blue River Concrete Company offers the best service and longer lasting concrete than our competitors. We spend an immeasurable amount of time researching new concrete mixtures, the most effective sealers, fresh ideas in concrete coloring, staining and much more. We hope that you see and feel the difference at your home when you hire Blue River!

Please take advantage of our Free No-Obligation Estimate or call today and we will inspect your home’s concrete and give you solid advice and a fair price for any new project!

Customer Review:

I called Blue River Concrete after being referred to them by a friend of mine.  Steve immediately answered the phone and was able to answer all of my questions right away.  I found it extremely helpful that he was willing to give me a “ballpark” cost over the phone so I could make sure I was going to be able to stay within budget.  I explained to him that we had a small area that we needed a stamped concrete patio done and he said that he should be able to get to it within a couple of weeks.  The next Sunday morning he emailed me and said that their job on Monday had been pushed back and that he could do my patio first thing Monday morning if we would like.  My wife and I were very excited about this but asked if he were able to come out Sunday to lay out the design as we both had meetings on Monday.

Steve was more than willing to come out and was very helpful in guiding us to a design that would fit well with our requirements and our existing landscape.  Steve and his crew arrived promptly Monday morning and laid out our discussed design.  They took great care to lay plywood down so the lawn was not damaged.  They came back Wednesday to pour and put plastic up against the house to prevent any splatter.  Once the concrete was cured they again took great care to clean all of the areas that were needed and our house was left cleaner than before!  The color and design exceeded our expectations!  Steve and his crew did an excellent job.  We would highly recommend Blue River Concrete for anyone considering a stamped patio in the future.

– John Z.