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Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal

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Inground pool removal typically involves draining the pool, drilling holes in the bottom, demolishing the top, and filling the pool with the rubble and additional dirt soil.

Let the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Blue River Concrete Company visit your home and give you a comprehensive analysis of your pool that needs to be removed.

Removing your pool has many benefits:

  • You save time and money on swimming pool maintenance.
  • If you sell your house, it may increase the number of potential buyers and make your home easier to sell.
  • You no longer have the additional hazards and liabilities that come with pool ownership.
  • You have more yard space for other activities or landscaping opportunities.
  • If you have young children, removing your pool eliminates any potential safety hazards associated with pool ownership.

The Swimming Pool Removal Process:

Step 1: Break the walls and floor of the pool
Step 2: Break up the surrounding concrete and walkway
Step 3: Remove the remaining debris, load it up and haul it away
Step 4: Remove any remaining framing around the perimeter of the pool
Step 5: Fill in the hole with dirt and/or gravel.
Step 6: The site is graded and now ready for grass seed or building


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