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Concrete Staining & Coloring is one of the most common and affordable ways homeowners beautify concrete in the Kansas City Metro. Staining works by chemically altering the color of the concrete on your patio, sidewalk or pool deck. Unlike paint that covers a surface and its imperfections; concrete staining alters the color of the concrete accentuating its imperfections.

Similar to a beautifully polished stone, stained concrete offers vibrant colors with accentuated veins and distinct variations. Many people choose concrete stain because of the unique possibilities achieved when mixing colors and patterns or textures, and the relatively low cost when compared to natural stone.

At Blue River Concrete Company we transform boring dull gray concrete slabs into extraordinary floors that are beautiful and also inexpensive and easy to maintain. The rich texture, deep colors, and high gloss finish of concrete staining make it the perfect application for luxury homes and the low price makes it affordable for everyone.

Save some money and allow Blue River to complete the entire project from the pouring of the slab, finishing it correctly, and then applying the acid stain and sealer. Staining will affect different types of concrete differently and no two pieces of concrete are the same. If you are unsure of what color you should choose call Blue River and our Concrete Staining Expert will show you some sample colors to get you started.

If we can help design, stain or color your home’s concrete patio, sidewalk or pool deck, please call Blue River Concrete Company for a Free No-Obligation Estimate or fill out our easy contact form today!