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Blue River Concrete Company offers quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction along with dependability and service for homeowners and businesses in Stanley. Concrete is our specialty and we know the best techniques for pouring long lasting weather- resistant driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks and curbs.

Concrete patio flooring is becoming a popular choice to extend your living quarters to outdoor areas. Concrete can be stained in a variety of colors. It can be stamped to any shape without the joints that invite grass and weeds to grow. Concrete can also be textured to resemble bricks, wood or the most expensive stone tiles.

Outdoor kitchen countertops, steps, stairs and a sidewalk of concrete add value and charm to your home, as well as family relaxation and entertainment areas outside the house. Concrete flooring in an adjacent room of the house makes a smooth transition from the inside to the outside living space.

Concrete driveways no longer need to be a boring gray. Concrete can be colored and textured to complement the colors of the house and landscaping. A matching ramp and stoop can pull the design of the front of the house together.

Blue River Concrete Company offers Stanley homeowners concrete sealing to repair an existing driveway or garage floor or to extend the useful lifespan and add decorative interest to the house. With today’s technological advances, concrete repair and sealing can be a better and less expensive choice than removing and replacing the old concrete.

Concrete stains have advanced to an artist’s palette of colors. Vivid colors of red, orange, yellow and purple are now available along with the original earth tones of brown, tan and blue green. Our craftsmen can capably stain concrete to resemble wood, natural stone, marble, bricks and even leather giving your Stanley home an upscale look.

Stamped concrete with complementary textures and finishes are crafted to the customer’s specifications and rival the most exclusive of decorative touches. A stained, stamped and textured concrete garage and driveway can be extended by a sidewalk into the patio, pool and outdoor kitchen area creating a distinct invitation for family and friends.

Blue River Concrete Company is locally owned and we offer a Price Match Guarantee as well as an outstanding reputation for exceptional customer service. We operate in Stanley and thirteen other area cities. We have a great reputation for quality and craftsmanship in both residential and commercial concrete work. Call us today.