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Are you a homeowner who lives in the Roeland Park, Kansas area? Have you been contemplating having some concrete work done around your home? Blue River Concrete Company can fill your every need.

Perhaps you have a limestone or gravel driveway. You can upgrade to a modern concrete driveway that is attractive and requires no maintenance. Do you have a concrete or asphalt driveway that has deteriorated due to weather damage and needs to be replaced? Blue River Concrete Company uses the most modern methods. We custom-mix each load of concrete to provide the best quality concrete for each specific job; whether it be a driveway, curb, patio, stoop, ramp, steps or stairs. This ensures the concrete will withstand the effects of the winter weather in Roeland Park, with its freezing and thawing cycle.

Many Roeland Park homeowners are not aware of the newer innovations in concrete applications. Concrete can now be stamped, textured, colored and stained. It may also be sealed to provide extra protection. Stamping concrete creates a pattern that simulates, brick, stone, slate, tile, field stone, and wood plank. The appropriate color may be added to these applications for outstanding beauty. This may be done on all exterior concrete and also interior concrete. Indoors, this provides a durability not found in most floor finishes. If you are planning construction of a new home, consider all the advantages of decorative concrete floors.

Instead of painting your concrete floor, consider staining. A stain provides a rich, translucent effect, which does not peel like paint. A skilled craftsman can produce finishes that resemble wood, marble, natural stone, or even leather. After thorough curing, new concrete provides the best staining results. Concrete is naturally porous and absorbs the stain, which actually changes the color of the concrete. Old concrete can usually be stained after professional cleaning. The cleaning removes any old glue, sealer, or any material that would prevent the absorption of the stain. If necessary, a new finish-coat of a concrete-like compound can be applied to facilitate staining.

Blue River Concrete Company is owned and managed by Steve Johnson. We operate in Roeland Park and thirteen other area cities. We have a fine reputation for quality and craftsmanship in both residential and commercial concrete work. We give exceptional customer service by making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Plus we offer a Price Match Guarantee, so call us today for quality concrete work.