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3 Ways to Make Your Concrete Driveway Stand Out

You won’t have to settle for an ordinary driveway when you choose Blue River Concrete to handle all of your driveway needs. We specialize in decorative concrete driveway replacement. Our driveway experts can make your driveway stand out from all the rest. Not only will Blue River Concrete create a one-of-a-kind driveway for you, we also deliver a solid reputation for excellence. You can expect 100 percent satisfaction with Blue River Concrete’s “rock solid” guarantee. You can have your driveway completely stand out in the most unique way.

Add Color with Stained Concrete

When we talk about putting a stain on your driveway, we don’t mean an ugly grease spot from an old clunker parked there. We mean a beautiful color that takes concrete from ordinary to outstanding. Boring old grey concrete is a thing of the past. Let us add some color with our concrete staining and coloring. You won’t believe the effects we can create with colored concrete. Whether you want to add a beautiful hue of blue or green, or you want it to blend with existing steps, walkways or porches that are brick, terra cotta, or brown colors, we can create whatever your imagination can dream up. We have a large variety of colors to choose from and we offer highly effective methods of matching and mixing integral colors with antiquing stains and agents. You will appreciate the unique variety of colors that offer an appealing and exceptional concrete driveway.

No More Ordinary Designs with Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete looks fabulous because the material is so versatile. We can create concrete patterns that look like brick, tile, natural stone, even wood. Stamped concrete offers decorative options you just can’t get with regular concrete pours. Considering the choices you have in colors, your options are endless. You can mix and match patterns to create a stone center bordered by bricks. Maybe you want to incorporate the driveway into the walkway. We can do it seamlessly with stamped concrete. We can match or complement a brick pattern or even an existing rock pattern that is part of your landscaping. You decide!

Create Unique Patterns and Textures to Add Interest to Your Driveway

Perhaps you want something more subtle than a stamped pattern, but a step up from ordinary brushed concrete. You can choose from a variety of concrete patterns with seamless textures that create an understated elegance. We can also add a hint of color. You will have fun picking out a pattern that fits your home and style.

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A stamped concrete driveway will add curb appeal and value to your home. So contact us today to get all the information on the decorative concrete driveways that we have to offer. Call (816) 419-5544. We will come to your home and give you a free, no-obligation estimate for any driveway needs that you have.